Inner Geek

I’m finally finding myself realizing I’m just hiding from my inner geek! This blog is for all of the people that love a super hero, TV show, movie, video game, and even, sports. Sometimes people don’t understand why you like something… Well I understand because all of my life, I’ve been that Β one person to like/love a lot of stuff that most people would be afraid to say they like.

This is not just about writing about my favorite teams, games , and shows; but, to give you another glimpse of seeing different topics in graphics. Withing each post, you guys will see many graphics I have been working on for the past month. These graphics will have two sets of graphics the finished project and the background. This means I will be citing each photo I used for the graphic. I just did this because I don’t want to be sued or in trouble without citing the website.

However, I hope you all do enjoy this! πŸ˜€

All of my favorite things! :)

All of my favorite things! πŸ™‚

  1. NBA –
  2. NHL –
  3. MLB –
  4. NFL –
  5. New York Yankees –
  6. Detroit Tigers –
  7. Miami Dolphins –
  8. San Francisco 49ers –
  9. Marvel –
  10. DC Comics –
  11. X-Men –
  12. Batman –
  13. Iron Man –
  14. Spiderman –
  15. Avengers –
  16. Mario Brothers –
  17. Pokemon –
  18. Harry Potter –
  19. Resident Evil –
  20. Crash Bandicoot –
  21. American Horror Story –
  22. Mortal Kombat –
  23. Doctor Who –
  24. Pittsburgh Penguins –
  25. Anaheim Ducks –
  26. Sailor Moon –
  27. The Last Airbender –
  28. Cardcaptor –
  29. Kingdom Hearts –
  30. League of Legends –

Let the dark arise!

Jack O’ Lanterns×256/Hysterical.png



Haunted House



Black Cat






Tis’ the Season


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