“I’m loyal to nothing, General…except the dream”

Hey Guys and Girls!
I know I haven’t posting like I should be, but I have been super busy! In the past couple of weeks a new movie has been release, Captain America!


I hope you all like them!
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Welcome to Mutant High

So I’m in the states, suppose to be watching the Super Bowl, but I’m not… I feel so accomplished finishing the XMEN graphics. I love what Marvel has done with the comics book to the movies. I have some complains about the story lines in the comics vs. the movies as any other XMEN fan. However, I am so happy the graphics turned out the way they did, and so blessed I finished it before February ended. 🙂

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Hope you enjoy it!
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“That’s true. But you are clearly outmatched.”

When the first Avatar started, I was automatically hooked from the first episode. Aang was such a light-hearted, yet could kick the crap out of the enemies. It’s interesting how the creators put all of the different personalities into one series.

The quote is from Iroh, Zuko’s uncle, is true when someone might look weak, but in reality they have the strength 10X than a bigger person. Plus, he always made me laugh in each episode. 🙂

So when I was trying to categorize the Avatar, I couldn’t decide between Anime or Superheroes because you can say Korra and Aang are superheroes, and this was made in an anime looking cartoon (Like Dragonball – Z, that was also on Nickelodeon).

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Hope you enjoy!
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“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

This has to be my favorite superhero of all time, Batman! Some of my friends say I might have “Batman Complex” and some say I look like Batgirl. I say I do have “Batman complex,” but looking like Batgirl… No!
The reason why I picked a quote from Alfred is because I believe he makes Batman more human than he is in reality. He makes him realize he isn’t just Batman, but just a simple man of Bruce Wayne.

I know I am missing many of the villians, like my favorite, Penguin, but you try finding a good Penguin photo. If you do leave a link in the comments and I place him in it!

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Hope you enjoy!
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“We have a Hulk”

What to do on a Friday night?! Posting a Blog it is!
In the past couple of years, Marvel has came out with the Avengers movies that I believe are amazing. I am kinda upset they didn’t start with the original founders of Avenger, but whatever makes them money. They will do! As you will see in future post, I do like my favorite villain’s. They bring out the worse and best of the superheroes.

In these graphics, I tried my best to do all of the Avenger recruits. I did post in the graphics, which Avengers that are not. Though, I couldn’t find decent photos of the Post-Civil War and Infinity recruits. If ya’ll find any good photos of them, I will gladly do them! 🙂

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Hope you enjoy!
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