Gentlemen…and Raphael

While working on finishing this post, I’ve realized I want to watch the original TMNT movie. I miss it! I didn’t realize how many great quotes there are like this one, “You don’t flirt with the enemy Leo. You take them down!” Oh, Raphael!

This graphic is going to be graphics for awhile because my last laptop crash. But, it wont be my last graphics, I promise. Instead, you guy’s can go to my other blog for photography!
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“Lives in a dream… Who is it for?”

If you don’t know who sings this, you haven’t heard some of the greatest written or sung in life. This is from Eleanor Rigby, by The Beatles. This band is one of my favorite band all around. How they evolved throughout multiple eras is amazing. They went through the 1960’s pop era to the psychodelic era. I can talk more and more about this, but I won’t hurt your eyes from reading. However, I just want to thank my mom teaching me the way of The Beatles.



Hope you enjoy and hope I don’t get copyright infringement! It is of course, The Beatles. 😉

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The Beatles

“That’s true. But you are clearly outmatched.”

When the first Avatar started, I was automatically hooked from the first episode. Aang was such a light-hearted, yet could kick the crap out of the enemies. It’s interesting how the creators put all of the different personalities into one series.

The quote is from Iroh, Zuko’s uncle, is true when someone might look weak, but in reality they have the strength 10X than a bigger person. Plus, he always made me laugh in each episode. 🙂

So when I was trying to categorize the Avatar, I couldn’t decide between Anime or Superheroes because you can say Korra and Aang are superheroes, and this was made in an anime looking cartoon (Like Dragonball – Z, that was also on Nickelodeon).

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