“That’s true. But you are clearly outmatched.”

When the first Avatar started, I was automatically hooked from the first episode. Aang was such a light-hearted, yet could kick the crap out of the enemies. It’s interesting how the creators put all of the different personalities into one series.

The quote is from Iroh, Zuko’s uncle, is true when someone might look weak, but in reality they have the strength 10X than a bigger person. Plus, he always made me laugh in each episode. 🙂

So when I was trying to categorize the Avatar, I couldn’t decide between Anime or Superheroes because you can say Korra and Aang are superheroes, and this was made in an anime looking cartoon (Like Dragonball – Z, that was also on Nickelodeon).

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“…Champion of Justice…”

As most people, Sailor Moon was probably your first anime you watched. It was to me the first main stream anime before Pokemon. I loved how each Sailor Scout had their own back story before they met Sailor Moon. Plus, in Middle School and High School my best friend and I watched every episode and movie for it! 🙂

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I also changed the backgrounds I make, were I place my watermark within each background I make.
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“Gotta Catch Them All”

This is my childhood, even through out my adulthood. As the new games X and Y approach quickly, I become my child wanting all of the Pokemon. My first Pokemon game was yellow were I was secretly stealing my moms Pokemon’s, which I couldn’t get on my game. This was a regular basis with each game we got afterwards. *Good Memories*

These photos are of the starter’s Pokemon, Special Pokemon, and Pokeballs for each generations. The Citations are on the Video Games Page (https://thecovertgeek.wordpress.com/video-games/) and the background graphic is on the Background page (https://thecovertgeek.wordpress.com/backgrounds/) . 🙂

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Walking through their shoes...

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