Risking their Icy Beast

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This post is taking me time to upload because I didn’t want my two favorite NHL teams, Anaheim Ducks and Pittsburgh Penguins, seasons to end. They both played their hearts out mentally and physically. As seen with the captain of the Ducks, Ryan Getzlaf, injury, and the internal strife of the Penguins. I sincerely do like these two team!

I’m not a homer, as some people might think of it! I like to look at each team, by looking at how they act on and off the ice. Each player of the team’s are passionate, for each consensus of the hockey community. They might seem like “Icy Beast” on the ice, but they have a “heart of gold” to play hockey.


I hope you like them!

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“I’m loyal to nothing, General…except the dream”

Hey Guys and Girls!
I know I haven’t posting like I should be, but I have been super busy! In the past couple of weeks a new movie has been release, Captain America!


I hope you all like them!
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Legends Arises in Action!

Hello there, guys and girls!
It’s been a long times, since I posted a blog on here. My last laptop crashed completely leaving me without a laptop to work on graphics. This blog is all about the Texas Legends players. I thought I would do something about the players rising up to their best moments. These are of most of the players that have played in the games.

All copyrights come from me, since the photos are mine!
To see all of the photos click the links below!
OoTb Photography
Sports Page


Hope you like them!
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Gentlemen…and Raphael

While working on finishing this post, I’ve realized I want to watch the original TMNT movie. I miss it! I didn’t realize how many great quotes there are like this one, “You don’t flirt with the enemy Leo. You take them down!” Oh, Raphael!

This graphic is going to be graphics for awhile because my last laptop crash. But, it wont be my last graphics, I promise. Instead, you guy’s can go to my other blog for photography!
Link Below!
Out of the Box Photography

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Hope you enjoy it!
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Welcome to Mutant High

So I’m in the states, suppose to be watching the Super Bowl, but I’m not… I feel so accomplished finishing the XMEN graphics. I love what Marvel has done with the comics book to the movies. I have some complains about the story lines in the comics vs. the movies as any other XMEN fan. However, I am so happy the graphics turned out the way they did, and so blessed I finished it before February ended. 🙂

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Hope you enjoy it!
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Spark of imagination

We all are creative in one way or another, by being logical or creative, there is one thing that sparks your imagination. This is my way to let out my creative self. It’s awesome that people love what I do and I have more stuff to come. However, there are going to be haters and I love haters. This way people are still going to be talking about what I do in any way possible. It Fuels my Fire to create and be a better me! 🙂
I was going to post these on New Years day to bring in the New Year… But, I realized it was a new way to end this year.

Hope you enjoy!
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Tis’ the Season

As people around the world has been getting reading to celebrate or has celebrated an important holiday. No matter what everyone is surrounded by the most important people in their life, hopefully. I hope you enjoy photos and graphic! Plus, I put some photos in how the seasons are changing across the world. To see all of the the photos you may check out Out of the Box Photography on Facebook. Link Below

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Enjoy the Season!
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“It’s a-me, Mario!”

So long time, no writing! I can explain, it’s about being a perfectionist and working on too many projects! However, I can say I finished the Mario Brothers graphics! I’m super proud of this because of the fact it has taken longer than I thought when I started these graphics.

Mario brothers franchise has been around longer than I have been alive. It was my first video game I played, and still playing. As most of you guys know, the president of Nintendo past away this September. It was a great lost to the video game industry, but there is no stopping for the company.

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Hope you enjoy!
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Texas Legends Vs Fort Wayne Mad Ants causes controversy

This past weekend, I went back to my first internship to regain my first love of photography. Texas Legends gave me the opportunity to be one of their photographer interns were I gain many experiences. In this season, many things have changed from the last season, but it’s a great experience.

Texas Legends did win against the Mad Ants, and apparently, in the past couple of days it has cause a controversy over a final technical foul. This technical foul was on Chris Douglas-Roberts. If you want to know more information here is the link: http://www.news-sentinel.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20131123/SPORTS/131129854/1002

However, the players from both teams played hard to try to win. It’s hard to not be biased towards Texas Legends because I have been with this franchise for two season.

To learn more about Texas Legends (NBA D-League) here are some links:



And if you want to see more photos from my archive here is my photo companies Facebook page: