“Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

This has to be my favorite superhero of all time, Batman! Some of my friends say I might have “Batman Complex” and some say I look like Batgirl. I say I do have “Batman complex,” but looking like Batgirl… No!
The reason why I picked a quote from Alfred is because I believe he makes Batman more human than he is in reality. He makes him realize he isn’t just Batman, but just a simple man of Bruce Wayne.

I know I am missing many of the villians, like my favorite, Penguin, but you try finding a good Penguin photo. If you do leave a link in the comments and I place him in it!

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Hope you enjoy!
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“Hey, Would you say I became a Hero?”

Wow… It’s not even Monday anymore, but you are still going to get something this week!
It’s Final Fantasy and it has been some of the toughest graphics to make to date. I’m so brain fried that I don’t have much to say about it. However, it’s one of my favorite games because of all of the different characters and battles like other video games.

I hope you enjoy it, and I will try my hardest to post on time!

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“…Champion of Justice…”

As most people, Sailor Moon was probably your first anime you watched. It was to me the first main stream anime before Pokemon. I loved how each Sailor Scout had their own back story before they met Sailor Moon. Plus, in Middle School and High School my best friend and I watched every episode and movie for it! 🙂

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I also changed the backgrounds I make, were I place my watermark within each background I make.
Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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“If you have a dream, don’t wait. Act.”

This one goes out for my friends, many of them have tattoos of Kingdom Hearts. They inspired me to research the game and make these graphics.

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P.S. I did finish a photo shoot, that will be posted next week. It’s something dark and Halloween themed.

O’Hallow Eves is awakening….

My favorite is right around the corner and I can’t wait! I have my costume already for the night! 🙂 I know this is a quick post, but with my favorite holiday comes a busy month for myself. I will say I won’t be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because how busy I am this month. However, I will try to keep up in the future. 🙂

This is how I perceive how Halloween should be!
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The Covert Geek Let the dark arise!

“We have a Hulk”

What to do on a Friday night?! Posting a Blog it is!
In the past couple of years, Marvel has came out with the Avengers movies that I believe are amazing. I am kinda upset they didn’t start with the original founders of Avenger, but whatever makes them money. They will do! As you will see in future post, I do like my favorite villain’s. They bring out the worse and best of the superheroes.

In these graphics, I tried my best to do all of the Avenger recruits. I did post in the graphics, which Avengers that are not. Though, I couldn’t find decent photos of the Post-Civil War and Infinity recruits. If ya’ll find any good photos of them, I will gladly do them! 🙂

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Hope you enjoy!
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“Gotta Catch Them All”

This is my childhood, even through out my adulthood. As the new games X and Y approach quickly, I become my child wanting all of the Pokemon. My first Pokemon game was yellow were I was secretly stealing my moms Pokemon’s, which I couldn’t get on my game. This was a regular basis with each game we got afterwards. *Good Memories*

These photos are of the starter’s Pokemon, Special Pokemon, and Pokeballs for each generations. The Citations are on the Video Games Page (https://thecovertgeek.wordpress.com/video-games/) and the background graphic is on the Background page (https://thecovertgeek.wordpress.com/backgrounds/) . 🙂

I hope you enjoy!
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Walking through their shoes...

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Enter my mind!

This is my first post… and I just almost misspelled first. YAY!
I just wanted to give all of you a glimpse within my mind and how things are going to go on this blog. I will be posting Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday (If you are lucky). I will try my best to post before 5 pm central because I do want a social life and be a social butterfly. 🙂 I hope you like my first 2 graphics! I really nervous and excited for this, lets see how it goes.

All of my favorite things! :)

All of my favorite things! 🙂

The future is coming sooner than you think! ;)

The future is coming sooner than you think! 😉

This is the Covert Geek